TrashLater Classic

The file removal utility that can delete items ... ... later.

Mac OS 7 - 9

TrashLater Classic

A file removal utility that enforces a grace period before the move takes place. Items can be moved to other folders or to the Trash.

During its operation, TrashLater Classic watches over selected folders, keeping track on their contents. Any unmodified file that resides in a folder for longer than the grace period is removed. Modified files are regarded as new files.

TrashLater Setup

How do I use TrashLater Classic?

TrashLater Classic comprises two applications, one to setup the folders and a client to do the checking.

You use the setup application to specify which folders to watch and their grace period. Note that you can use different grace periods for each of these folders and that you can specify exceptions items that will be ignored.

TrashLater Client
TrashLater Client

Thereafter, any time you run the client application, it will check if any files were in these folders longer than requested. Any such "out-dated" files will be moved into the destination folder, for instance the Trash.

Fridge (Folder)
Fridge (Folder)

For regular checking, you could use a "cron" utility or you could put an alias to the client application in your Startup Items folder.


TrashLater Classic
Version 2.3
09 September 2002
Language: English

System Requirements

MacOS 7 through 9.x

68k or PowerPC

400kB of free RAM

156 KB HD space

A Mac OS X version of TrashLater also exists.

Other Info

Version History

Screenshots (24 KB)

TrashLater Classic was built with the tinyApp framework, our own configurable application framework targeted at small and efficient programs (Mac OS 7 to 9.x).


v2.3 (272 KB)
v2.2 (252 KB)

Also available: versions for Mac OS X.

Quick Tips

Manage a download folder

It may be a good idea not to delete the .tar, .dmg and .sit files straight away - just in case you might need them again. But since you want to get rid of them eventually, why not leave them in your download folder and instruct TrashLater Classic to trash these files a few days later?

Automatic trash collection

TrashLater Classic can also remove items from the Trash itself. In this way, you would no longer have to empty it by hand. Better still, since TrashLater Classic would only delete the older items you would always have access to the files that you put into the Trash more recently.

Clear your browser cache

A browser cache caters for a faster internet experience - whether you should keep a large cache for several days is a different question. Some people prefer to get rid of those files at the end of the day. TrashLater Classic can do this job for you automatically.

Manage backup folders

Many tools offer to save backup files in designated folders. Potentially, these folders can grow quite large and should be cleaned out once in a while. Having said that, you do not want to delete the most recent backups, so, why not let TrashLater Classic trash only the older files?

Self-cleaning "fridge" on your desktop

Next to the Trash, you should have a fridge! In this folder, you put any temporary items that you would like to keep for a few weeks or months.

For instance, before you edit an important document, you can option-drag (i.e. copy) it to the "fridge".

Based on your preferred "cooling time", the items will remain in the fridge until they pass their "best before date", Once that happens, TrashLater Classic puts them where they belong: in the Trash.

Trash bag collection

Imagine a trash bag (folder) next to your Trash. In there you put files ready for trash collection at a later date.

Limitations of the Trash

Yes, you can keep items in the Trash and they will remain there until you empty it. However, once you do empty it, all files are gone! Would it not be better if you could say: "Get rid of only those items that I put in the Trash last week".