RPN 28x Calc

Math can be fun.

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RPN 28x Calc in action

High Precision Arithmetics

Supports numbers with up to 38 significant digits.

Multiple Data Types

Real numbers, binary numbers, lists, arrays or vectors, matrices, names, strings and programs.

Interactive Stack Display

On iPad, the display expands to fill the screen. You can easily scroll through and select your entries.

RPN 28x Calc

RPN 28x Calc is a programmable scientific calculator with a dynamic stack display. It uses reverse-polish notation (RPN) for its operation.

As you add more values to the stack, the display shown on an iPad automatically expands. To see more lines, simply swipe to scroll. You can also re-order the levels or modify any of the values on the stack.

RPN 28x Calc reorder example


Use the rich command set to write your own programs.

Matric Calculations

Work with large data sets using arrays and matrices.

iPad Multitasking

You can use the calculator in Slide Over or Split View alongside other apps on an iPad.

Variable viewer of RPN 28x Calc

Variable Viewer (iPad only)

You can browse all variables in a separate viewer. To make a variable available to a command, simply select it in the viewer and issue the command. Double-tap a variable to edit it.

Command & Results History (iPad only)

Select "Log" to display your command history. To place a value back onto the stack, double-tap it. Swipe upwards to reveal a panel of action buttons, i.e. to delete entries or to share the log.

Command Panels

On iPad, the side panel has a keyboard and three pages of commands. You can swipe across the panel to navigate between the pages.

On iPhone, you can swipe across the main button panel to navigate between the pages.

Use the page buttons to go to specific pages quickly.

Work With Operands

Tap an operand in display to select it. Then issue a command on the selected operand.

User Guide

From the info menu within the app, you can download the user guide with an introduction and a command reference.

Download PDF

RPN 28x Calc screenshot

Multiple Undos

You can restore previous stacks with the UNDO command. Using LAST, you can get back the most recently used operands. With COMMAND, you can get back the most recently typed input.

Landscape Orientation

When you rotate the iPad, RPN 28x Calc optionally re-adjusts its layout to fit the available screen area.

No Ads

No interruptions. RPN 28x Calc does not display ads. There are no rating requests.

RPN 28x Calc
RPN 28x Calc

iPhone and iPad $3.99
Version 3.0 (1628)
11 November 2018
Languages: English

iOS 8.4 or later.

Tested on iOS 8.3.

Latest News

Version 3.0 introcudes programming and matrices and supports multitasking and iPhone,

Version 2.1 adds action buttons to the command log. New command: ≠ and aliases: CHS, SQRT, and ==.

Version 2.0 adds a log and variable viewer.

Plans for future versions

  • User-definable buttons.
  • Complex numbers.
  • Arithmetic expressions.

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