TrashLater Classic

Version History

Version 2.3

September 2002

  • Included an Installer.
  • The progress window in the client application now sports a progress bar.
  • New View menu which allows the user to see statistical data:
    - count of items checked in (ever)
    - count of items checked out (ever)
    - current item count.
  • New folder path popup menu when option- or command-clicking the title in the edit window.
  • Changed the code model to "small" and segmented the setup application in order to reduce a library dependency. Using the small code model, the size of both applications was reduced a little.
  • Fixed List Manager problems that messed up the list when the list is resized while an item is selected:
    If the user reorders list items on an expanded list, then we collapse it first.
  • Extended the database file format to account for additional data in future versions.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak; forgot to dispose the data handle after reading the preferences file.
  • Updated the company email and URL.

Version 2.3d

July 2002 (internal development release)

  • Added support for a progress bar in the dialog of the client application.
  • Fixed interference with temporary data during progress bar initialization (only when compiled for debug).
  • Added support for a View Menu to display statistical data.
  • Fixed the progress dialog in the client application.

Version 2.2

June 2002

  • Every folder may now have an exception list. Items listed there will be ignored during the date checking. Effectively this means that these exception items will always remain in the folders.
  • Rephrased the checkbox text for the "Reset if modified" option - its purpose was not clear.
  • Finalized support for eSellerate's on-line purchasing system. The software can now be purchased directly from within the setup application (Apple menu -> Buy/Register).
  • Increased the memory requirements as required by on-line purchasing.
  • Changed the registration code; user name is now max 45 characters and company name max 33 characters long.
  • Cleaned up some balloon help texts.
  • Cleaned up error messages and redesigned layout of the alert box.
  • The about box has become a lot more informative.
  • Added a pop-up menu with contact information to the about box.
  • Introduced an option to remove exception items from the list if missing.
  • Fixed a resource compilation error regarding the text banner in the about box.
  • Removed some typos from balloon help texts.

Version 2.2b

April 2002 (beta-test release)

  • Introduced the concept of an exception list.
  • Building up support for eSellerate on-line purchasing of the software.
  • Added a the exception list to the folder edit dialog.
  • Changed the code such that we do only allow exception items that are located inside the defined folders.
  • Also added buttons to modify the exception list.
  • Modified the code to make sure the exception list can be navigated via keyboard shortcuts.
  • The current version number can now be seen in the about box.
  • Made sure the version string is up-to-date.
  • Added a registration string to the about box.
  • The about box now also includes a scroll-past text banner.
  • Slowed down the text banner as it was too fast in PowerPC computers.

Version 2.1

February 2002

  • Added new up/down buttons with which the items may be moved up/down the list.
  • Added balloon help to menu items.
  • The client algorithm has been improved; is now a little faster.
  • Changed the client application to respond properly to user events.
  • Modified the client's progress dialog to include the stop button.
  • When the preference is selected, the client's progress window position will also be remembered.
  • Detected a data overlap bug that was introduced by the compiler and crashed the client.
  • Fixed a bug where the information string was not properly updated.
  • Fixed a small bug connected to the moving of folders in the list.
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem with the list in the setup app.
  • Novice warnings now beep.

Version 2.0b

January 2002 (beta-test release)

  • New release, ready for beta testing.
  • Added balloon help to all items.
  • Upgraded to version 1.3.9 of the tinyApp framework.
  • Fixed a bug where the folder list was not properly initialized in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug related to double-clicking list items.
  • Re-coded several of the setup application methods ensuring proper cleanup when closing down.
  • Cleaned up some code in the shared base classes used by both applications to reduce code bloat.
  • Added detection of whether the database is currently being modified by the other application.
  • Moved the List Manager support from the application to the framework.
  • Introduced novice warnings that can be switched off via a check box.
  • Added a somewhat crude preferences dialog.
  • Added a preference to be able to remember window positions.
  • Added support for statistical information.
  • Duplicate folder specifications can no longer be defined.

Version 2.0d

December 2001 (internal development release)

  • Remodeled the scanning procedure in the client.
  • New "slow motion" option allows the user to see the scanning progress (client is too fast otherwise).
  • Clicking default button outlines will no longer issue any response; one must click the button.
  • Fixed a bug that kept directory items from being checked-in properly.
  • Preferences files may no longer be created unless the user wishes to save data.
  • Either application now quits with an error if the preferences file were open by the other one.
  • For existing preferences files, any current preference settings are preserved.
  • Added command-key equivalents in the setup app.
  • List in the setup app is now printed properly.
  • Fonts can now be changed in a STR# resource.
  • System is checked for missing fonts.
  • Changed the application preferences format in the preferences file.
  • Complete re-code of the TrashFridge Suite
  • Setup application now uses a folder list, which can be modified in a separate dialog.