TrashLater Classic

Screen shots.

The main window of the TrashLater Classic Setup application.

setup window

This is where you can define which folders should be scanned.

In this example, seven folders have been defined, for instance a folder named "Fridge" (highlighted) which contains 100 items.

In the folder "Fridge", items may remain for up to six months before being moved to the Trash. Note that the grace period for the selected folder is reported underneath the folder list.

Select "Edit" or double-click the folder to change its settings.

The Edit Window

edit window

On the top right, you can specify how long items may remain in this folder.

Any items listed in the exception list on the left will be ignored and will never be removed from the folder.

There is also an option to check items no more than once per day. This is useful if item are scheduled to remain for longer time periods, and if the TrashLater Classic Client may be launched several times per day. With the option selected, the client will skip this folder if has already been checked today.

Furthermore, you may slow down the client application when checking this folder - this is handy if you want to follow the progress of the client which is otherwise too fast. NB. If you request to delete items, you will be asked to confirm this in a warning dialog.

The TrashLater Classic Client application in action.

client window

Here you can follow the progress of the folder checking procedure. The progress bar is new since version 2.3.