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'TrashLater Server'

TrashLater Server

A system-level folder management solution, that enforces a time limit on (unmodified) files within chosen folders before they are moved to the trash or deleted.


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The discontinued version.

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  • New in version 5.0:
    • Runs quietly in the background.
    • Works as a root deamon.

'TrashLater Classic'

TrashLater Classic

This is the previous incarnation of TrashLater, designed for Mac OS versions 7 to 9.x.

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  • Discontinued.



A formatting and compression Perl script, aimed at HTML and CSS pages. Caters for complex user-defined macros.


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  • New in version 4.0:
    • Now hosted on GitHub.


snpsMan 2VimSyntax

Creates a Vim syntax file from Synopsys man pages.


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  • New in version 1.6.1:
    • Highlighting attributes.
    • Attributes in strings.
    • Detecting obsolete options.



The application optimizer for Mac OS X. Reclaims megabytes of disk space by optimising embedded files.

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  • Discontinued.



A configurable application framework targeted at small and efficient programs (Mac OS 7 to 9.x).

Available on request.

  • tinyApp is obsolete