In reverse chronological order.

Version 1.6 of MC-Timer

The new version also shows the _next_ exercise suggestion and adds 8 new bells and effect sounds.

Version 3.5.4 of RPN 28x Calc

Corrects a window transition issue and the factorial of zero: 0! = 1.

Version 3.5.3 of RPN 28x Calc

A patch release that corrects the button title rendering.

Version 3.5.2 of RPN 28x Calc

A second patch release to correct the calculation of n-th roots.

Version 3.5.1 of RPN 28x Calc

Released a quick update to fix an issue that had slipped through.

Version 3.5 of RPN 28x Calc

This version introduces 147 scientific units and elementary physical constants. Units can be prefixed, combined and - when compatible - converted. Also adds upper-tail probablity functions, and the HALT and SST commands needed to support interactive program debugging, and more… See the details on the RPN 28x Calc product page.

Donation for Ukraine

As promised in my campaign notices on this web page, I have donated the proceeds from my app sales of the last four months (and a bit more to round the number up) in three equal parts to:

  • UNHCR (Sweden),
  • Röda Korset (Red Cross, Sweden), and
  • Läkare utan Gränser (Médecins sans Frontières, Sweden).

    Glory to Ukraine!

    Version 1.5 of MC-Timer

    Introduces 11 new Science Fiction sounds and updates the Apple Music search view.

    Version 1.4 of MC-Timer

    This version allows you to display exercise suggestions in the playback screen. Also supports exercise pairs like "left/right lunges" which will be expanded into two exercises: "left lunges" followed by "right lunges".

    Version 1.3 of MC-Timer

    You can mark your workout as a favorite to keep it on top ot the list. If you like, you can also use workouts without any music playback.

    Version 3.4 of RPN 28x Calc

    This version packs many new changes: support for complex numbers, user-defined buttons, and button reordering.

    Version 1.2 of MC-Timer

    Tapping an item in the playlist view will now start a preview player. Playlist (re)assambly has been refined. A circular progress indicator is now visible while the playlist is loaded or re-loaded after shuffling the tracks.

    Version 3.3 of RPN 28x Calc

    Thousand separators are now available as an option in 3.3 of RPN 28x Calc. Also, operand colouring was improved, dimmimg more help-characters, e.g. when inside lists. More info on the RPN 28x Calc page.

    Version 1.1 of MC-Timer

    On top of the popular start/stop sound, this version can play countdown beeps during the last four seconds. Also re-enabled background playback. Enjoy!

    New App: MC-Timer

    Use MC-Timer to guide you through your workout using music. Want a new song for every exercise interval? But not the mellow song intro? You only want to listen to the core of every hit song in your playlist? Then MC-Timer is for you. More info on the MC-Timer product page.

    Updated Dark Appearance

    You no longer need to press a "Dark Mode" button to change the appearance of this website; it should automatically be shown in your preferred light or dark appearance. Likewise, the cookie that was used to store your mode is no longer used). If your system is running in dark mode, then your browser should also be able to understand the CSS support for colour schemes.

    Version 3.2 of RPN 28x Calc

    General usagabillity improvements. Also changes how the power function is calculated.

    Version 3.1 of RPN 28x Calc

    This version introduces a dark appearance theme, an alternative dark app icon, and (for devices that support it) haptic feedback.

    Version 1.5 of Opening Hours

    A refresh update which fixes formatting on newer iPhones. Also removes unnecessary clutter like Dropbox.

    Version 1.5.1 of Opening Hours

    A minor update which makes comments visible in the info popup on the main screen.

    Version 3.0.2 of RPN 28x Calc

    Another minor update, tweaking how the inteface is layed out on selected iPhone models. More info on the RPN 28x Calc product page.

    Releasing RPN 28x Calc 3.0

    This new version runs on iPad and iPhone, whichever version, as long as it has iOS 11, or later. It also adds support for matrices and programming. See the RPN 28x Calc product page for more details.

    Dark Mode has Arrived

    After switching to macOS Mojave, it became clear that a dark mode was needed for this web site. So here it is. To enable it, press the "Dark Mode" button at the bottom. Some of the images still need updating, but the main structure already works. Update 2018-10-07: The map background images have been updated and re-rendered for dark mode.

    Another Web Update

    Upgraded the responsive CSS framework and swapped in new icon glyphs. Increased the default font size and changed some page layouts.

    Web-Site Update

    Fixed the cookie consent popup. Upgraded links to use 'https:' where feasible. Removed Facebook scripts, tags and like buttons.

    Beta-Testing RPN 28x Calc

    There are a number of new features that need to be beta-tested on different devices. If you would like to participate, please get in touch or send an email from within the app (press the (i) button). You will need to be running iOS 11. Please mention which iOS devices you plan to use.

    TaskRoll, Version 1.3

    This version adds visual feedback on how many tasks remain within a workflow. It also gives live feedback on how the font settings affect the shown task texts.

    TaskRoll, Version 1.2.1

    Also a minor update with several fixes and improvements. Also, the Lite version no longer uses iAds.

    RPN 28x Calc, Version 2.2.1

    A minor update to RPN 28x Calc. Fixes a issue related to using Bluetooth, e.g. for keyboards.

    RPN 28x Calc, Version 2.2

    Version 2.2 of RPN 28x Calc turns the status indicator in the top of the display into buttons, i.e. you can now tap on them to change them.

    Opening Hours, Version 1.4.2

    Released a quick update to fix an issue for users that are still on iOS 7.

    TaskRoll, Version 1.2

    This update has taken a bit longer than initially planned, since I wasn't going to ship it until after I had fixed that bug that had been eluding me for months (one of those that only appeared occasionally and could not be triggered manually despite all my efforts). But now it is done.

    While at it, I added support for multitasking on iPad in iOS 9. Swipe across from the right-hand side and TaskRoll can be added to your view in Slide Over or Split View mode. A great feature that makes the app so much more useful. You really must try it! See the TaskRoll product page for more details.

    Opening Hours, Version 1.4.1

    A bug fix release. Nothing major. Enjoy!

    Opening Hours, Version 1.4

    Multitasking on iPad on iOS 9! Opening Hours now supports Slide Over and Split View. And more!

    snpsMan2VimSyntax, Version 1.5

    Announcing the public release of a Perl script to create Synopsys syntax definitions for the vim text editor: snpsMan2VimSyntax.

    Opening Hours, Version 1.3.1

    With today's release of Opening Hours, you can now select multiple store criterias (tags) to filter the list, as well as show only open or favorite stores. Take a look.

    Open Times is now Opening Hours UX

    Version 1.3 sees a rebranding of our app to store opening hours. It also improves iCloud and backup handling.

    RPN 28x Calc, Version 2.1

    In version 2.1, you can clear the command log. Adds new command: ≠ and aliases: CHS, SQRT, and ==. The font encoding was also corrected.

    htmlXPress, Version 4.0

    htmlXPress is now available on GitHub. Finally.

    RPN 28x Calc, Version 2.0.1

    A maintenance update targeting the comma (,) button when used with selected locale.

    RPN 28x Calc, Version 2.0

    Version 2.0 adds a secondary notebook window which contains a command history, i.e. a "ticker tape", as well as a variable viewer. Minor UI tweaks without compromising on the unique user experience. Enjoy!

    RPN 28x Calc, Version 1.3.5

    RPN 28x Calc will no longer prompt you for a review. Nevertheless, if you enjoy using the app, please be a star and take a moment to leave a mathematically correct review. To get to the App Store, you can use the "Rate This App" item in the (i)nfo menu from within RPN 28x Calc.

    Version 1.2.3 of Opening Hours

    No more app rating requests in this version of Opening Hours.

    Version 1.2.2 of Opening Hours

    Another improvement to Opening Hours: tap any row in the calendar view to see a much improved info view.

    Version 1.2.1 of Opening Hours

    A long awaited feature: swipe to the next day in the calendar view of Opening Hours. Available as of today.

    Version 1.2 of Opening Hours

    Proudly releasing a new version of Opening Hours which introduces support for iPad and iCloud syncing between devices. Major news!

    Version 1.3.4 of RPN 28x Calc

    A maintenance release; fixed the email feedback form.

    Version 1.1 of TaskRoll

    TaskRoll now can print the task lists via AirPrint. Also, adding multiple items is now easier with a quick entry button.

    Version 1.3.3 of RPN 28x Calc

    A maintenance release; adding a new URL scheme to launch the app: rpn28xcalc://.

    Announcing: Task Roll for iOS

    Today marks the launch of our unique ToDo list app for ordered task lists: TaskRoll.

    General Updates

    A number of changes for the web site are under way. This will render some services (i.e. the blog) temporarily unavailable.

    Version 1.3.2 of RPN 28x Calc

    Another quick patch of the RPN 28x Calc iPad app targeted at iOS 6.1 where numbers where not shown correctly.

    Version 1.3.1 of RPN 28x Calc

    This is a quick patch of the RPN 28x Calc iPad app. It fixes a problem that escaped us for users of iOS 6.1. Also introduces a stack depth counter in the top of the display.

    Version 1.3 of RPN 28x Calc

    Refined support for iOS 7 is now available with version 1.3 of our RPN 28x Calc iPad app. Together with other tweaks and fixes, the most notable difference is the added support for external keyboards.

    Version 1.2 of RPN 28x Calc

    RPN 28x Calc iPad app has been updated to Version 1.2 with support for a black & gray interface theme and the ability to change the default decimal separator.

    Version 1.1.4 of Opening Hours

    Released an update of our Opening Hours iPhone app which adds support for iPhone 5.

    Updated Twitter Buttons

    [UPDATE: These have been removed.]

    New AppStore Badges

    If you have paid close attention, you will have noticed that we are now using the new "Download on the AppStore" badges as provided directly from Apple's Developer Resources (requires login).

    Mountain Lion Support

    Currently, none of the Mac OS X applications are signed. To run them on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), you would have to enable the option to "Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere" in the General pane of the Security & Privacy options within the System Preferences. Or at least, you would have to enable that option temporarily for your first launch of the applications; then you can change it back to its previous setting.

    Note, however, that TrashLater Server does not interfere with GateKeeper since it runs as a "launchd" background process. It therefore continues to work just fine even for Mountain Lion.

    Version 1.1 of RPN 28x Calc

    Version 1.1 introduces landscape orientation to RPN 28x Calc for iPad.

    New App: RPN 28x Calc

    Version 1.0 of our scientific calculator RPN 28x Calc for iPad is now available on the App Store.

    Fix for the label menu

    The latest version of our Opening Hours iPhone app restores the correct funtionality of the category menu.

    Fix for time dial mismatches

    An update has been released for the Opening Hours iPhone app. Primarily, it fixes an misalignment of the time dial (when setting opening or closing times) when daylight savings time is in use.

    Work'around for Opening Hours 1.1 Backup Issue

    If you encounter a 404 error upon trying to backup your database to Dropbox in version 1.1 of Opening Hours, then you may make use of the workaround in the FAQ page.

    Opening Hours Update

    In version 1.1, the Opening Hours iPhone app has received support for backup & restore via Dropbox or e-mail. It has also received localisations for German and Swedish.

    Opening Hours on the iOS App Store

    Version 1.0 of our iPhone app Opening Hours is now available on the App Store.

    Twitter links

    [UPDATE: These have been removed.]