Screen shots.

The main window of the TrashLater application.

main window

This is where you define which folders should be watched. When you select a folder name, more details will be shown in the panel on the right.

Double-click a folder name to change its settings.

The Folder Inspector

edit window

The example shows the settings for the "Temporary" folder (see window title).

In the upper part, you can select what action is to be applied to items that meet the conditions in the list below. They can be moved to the Trash, deleted, or moved to a different folder.

You can add a number of conditions that items inside this folder must meet. In the example, there is only one condition, which specifies a grace period of 7 days.

More settings are available under the Options tab (not shown here).

Growl message

Growl Notifications

All checks are performed non-obtrusively in the background. For visual feedback, TrashLater can make use of Growl to show selected status messages.