TaskRoll FAQ

Frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents

1 Sync with Dropbox

1.1 Hiding updates on your Mac or PC

With Dropbox sync enabled, every time you click on a task to mark it as done, a small update package is sent to synchronise the state with other devices. These packages are of little interest on your Mac or PC and you can hide them by enabling selective sync in the Dropbox preferences.

  • Open the Dropbox preferences on your Mac or PC.
  • Select the Account tab.
  • For Selective Sync, select the Change Settings button.
  • Navigate to "Apps/TaskRoll".
  • Uncheck the ".task" folder. Done!

2 System Requirements

2.1 When will TaskRoll come to Android?

At the time of this writing, no Android version is planned.

2.2 What about TaskRoll for Mac OS X?

There is currently not sufficient interest in a Mac version. However, when syncing with Dropbox, you can always edit your task lists in a text editor on your Mac (make sure that you have read about the "File Formats" in the manual within the TaskRoll app).

3 Contacting tredje design

3.1 How do I get in touch?

Simple, please contact me.

3.2 I think I found a bug. What should I do?

For your convenience, you can select "Email the Developer" from the main menu within the TaskRoll app and start composing your message. By the way, if you do not want to send the message right there and then, you can save it as a draft message with your email client. To do so, select Cancel in the compose window, and then "Save as Draft".

Feel free to write your message in English, German, or Swedish.

Alternatively, you can send an email to tredje.bugreport@mailnull.com (don't put this address in your address book as it is temporary), or use the online contact form.

The following information would be helpful:

  • Which version of TaskRoll are you using?
  • Which version of iOS is installed?
  • If it crashed, what where you doing when it happened?

3.3 My question is still unanswered. What can I do now?

Why don't you post your question on this contact form?