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Welcome to /dev/trouble

Eric's blog is now live through a link from the top navigation bar, suitably named "Blog".

TrashLater Version 4.2

Welcome to version 4.2 of TrashLater which is now available for download. This version eliminates the window-based client application that checked the folders in favour of a non-obtrusive background client. Also, system administrators may try the beta version of TrashLater Server which allows the checking of folders for all users.

We have moved

Sorry for the downtime, but it took a little longer to have all the cables installed.

New company profile for tredje design

"tredje design - Eric Roller" converts back to an hobby company, i.e. we discontinue to offer consulting services for the Digital ASIC design industry.

TrashLater 4.0

Version 4.0 of TrashLater is now available for download. This is a significant update to previous version; it uses a more versatile database format and runs natively on Mac OS X for PowerPC and Intel Processors (Universal Binary). New features include the availability of new item conditions, Growl messaging, and a redesigned user interface.

Hello World, tredje design!

"tredje design - Eric Roller" is now a Swedish company, taking over from "tredje design" (

Applimizer/Applimiser 1.5

This versions adds the optimization of cascading style sheets (CSS) to its portfolio.

Applimizer/Applimiser 1.4.1

Version 1.4.1 can scan a folder for applications, shows icons in the individual view, and can handle applications with locked embedded files.

Applimizer / Applimiser 1.3

With version 1.3 you can optimize embedded user interface files, i.e. the NIB files used by Cocoa applications. As their model definitions contain a lot of redundant white-space characters, there is room for improvement. Also, the string file optimization has been improved to remove redundant string pairs in Localizable.string files.

Applimizer / Applimiser 1.2

This version sports a new user interface and drag and drop from the Finder. Furthermore, it is now available in both a British English and a U.S. English version (named Applimiser or Applimizer, respectively).

Applimiser 1.1 released

With the addition of string file optimization, Applimiser gets even more powerful.

Fix: Applimiser 1.0.4

All good things come in fours: This bug fix release took a bit longer, but it was worth it.

New Tool: Applimiser 1.0

Applimiser is an application optimizer. In the first version, it can offer to do language de-localization, to remove temporary Finder files, and to optimize embedded help documents. See for yourself.

Version 3.5 of TrashLater released

The main news is that TrashLater can now remove files from the Trash itself. With this new feature, you would never need to empty your Trash again. TrashLater could do this automatically for you - removing only the oldest items in the Trash.

TrashLater version 3.4 released

TrashLater can now exclude Finder icon files from the checking process. Also, it is now possible to inspect the folder contents in a browser window. Not to forget, new and nicer screen shots have been added.

No more email addresses

Made a small update to the website. All references to email addresses have been removed. There is now a web form through which one can make contact.

Version 3.3 of TrashLater released

The updated version of TrashLater has passed my internal regression tests and has now been made available to the public. Apart from being Panther-compatible, the major news is a new face-less background client that can do all the work behind the scenes, without ever disturbing you any more.

Website redesign

The entire website presents itself in a new and modern design. As opposed to HTML 4, all pages are now XHTML-1.0 (strict), and what's more they are compliant to the standard. A modular design with cascading style sheets (CSS2) is now used; this eases the aligned formatting of all pages.

Released version 3.2 of TrashLater

Version 3.2 is available immediately.

Major htmlXPress update

In the course of the redesign of these web-pages, my HTML-processing utility htmlXPress (formerly known as htmlPress) underwent a major overhaul. Apart from HTML 4, it can now also handle XHTML 1.0 and even cascading style sheets! Furthermore, pages can now be tested for broken hyperlinks! The most up-to-date version is now 2.2.

Update for TrashLater

TrashLater was now updated to version 3.0.2. Have fun.

TrashLater released

With version 3.0, TrashLater enters the domain of Mac OS X. It is now a fully-fledged Cocoa application that runs natively in Mac OS X.

SimpleText Compiler retired

Since SimpleText files have given way to the popular RTF files in Mac OS X, there is no immediate need any more for SimpleText Compiler. The project has therefore been discontinued.

htmlXPress 2.0 released

This is a major upgrade. It is now fully functional for Mac OS X - since Perl is part of Darwin, a MacPerl installation is no longer required. To reflect this, htmlPress has been renamed to htmlXPress.

Intermediate update for TrashLater Classic (2.3.1)

The progress bar in the client application was changed to appear as just one bar for all folders. Furthermore, this new release fixes a data handling issue that may have caused incorrect file tracking.

htmlPress 1.6 released

Fixed some mistakes in the date and comment handling of htmlPress. The new version is now available.

TrashLater Classic 2.3 released

The new version of TrashLater Classic introduces statistical information in the setup application and a progress bar in the client.

Beta testing opened for SimpleText Compiler

A new little utility, SimpleText Compiler, is now available for beta testing. It takes HTML-like plain text as a source and converts that into properly formatted SimpleText documents.

Site moved to new domain

The domain is now the new home for tredje design. And about time too. A few changes were introduced as part of the move.

Minor fix to htmlPress

Made a few nice changes to htmlPress which I deemed worth publishing as a minor update release. htmlPress is now version 1.5.1. Also, please note that htmlPress was previously known as "HTML Squeezer". It was renamed to avoid a name conflict with another product.

htmlPress 1.5 available

My free-ware utility to compress and format HTML pages, htmlPress, has moved up to version 1.5. The latest version introduces file_rules with which settings can be configured by file-type. Depending on the file-type, you can now select a different file-creator, and switch HTML compression on or off.

Online Store opened!

The Online Store is now open. Using secure channels, you can now purchase my products from these pages.

TrashLater Classic 2.2 available

TrashLater Classic has been enhanced to allow you to buy a license directly from within the application. Upon successful purchase, the application is then automatically registered without the need to key in a confirmation code. This service is powered by eSellerate and uses the same secure online channels.

Version 2.2 of allows the specification of exception items for each folder. These items are completely ignored for our purposes. Effectively, these items are never removed by TrashLater Classic.

htmlPress 1.4 available

With the latest release of htmlPress, the tool has become even more versatile. Several variables were introduced which you can override in their configuration files. One can now change the naming style of the source files and which application creator is used for the resulting HTML documents. Furthermore, as a beta-feature, the resulting source code can now be line-wrapped.

Release History

The version history of all products is now also available on this web site.

TrashLater Classic 2.1 released

Now up to version 2.1. Originally intended as a bug fix release to finish the successful beta test phase, I added new features and decided to release it as a new version. It is now possible to change the order of the folders in the list.

htmlPress up to 1.3

In the course of redesigning these web-pages I changed htmlPress to allow for customized settings which can be stored in a separate file. Now you can define your own site-specific keywords in a configuration file right next to your HTML source files.

New web-page design

Welcome to the new tredje design pages - hope you like it.

TrashLater Classic now in beta

This is the complete recoding of my TrashFridge suite of programs. I have completely revamped the setup dialog and made the user interface more consistent and simpler.

htmlPress 1.2 in beta

This is a MacPerl script that I originally wrote to compress HTML pages down to the necessary minimum - see the source of this page for an example. In version 1.2 I have changed it to automate the process of writing HTML by adding additional shortcuts.

tredje design pages published

This marks the opening of my software pages. In these pages, I publish my Mac OS utilities, most of them affordable shareware. Watch this space for my next utility: TrashLater Classic.