Version History

Version 4.2

March 2011

  • Now using "launchd", the launch daemon used by Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), as the scheduling mechanism (replacing the use of "cron"). Many of the complex, cron-related scheduling options are therefore no longer required. The first check will occur when you log in; subsequent checks will be done at your chosen intervals.
  • Limited the checking intervals to within 10 minutes and once a day - other checking intervals are not required.
  • Introducing "TrashLater Server", i.e. a solution for system administrators to run TrashLater as a system-wide root-daemon with which all folders for all users can be accessed. Supports both Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server (even Mountain Lion).
  • Removed the window-based checking solution, a.k.a. "TrashLater Client". Beginning with this version, all checking will be done in the background.
  • Retired option: Track all subfolder items individually.
  • Eye candy: Nicer growl notification when only "one item was removed" [280].
  • Changed the default state of the "Check skipped" message to "disabled" in order to remove message clutter. Interested users are free to enable the message in the Growl prefrences pane.
  • Added a workaround with Growl when installing a new application dictionary.
  • Dead code stripping. Removed the database converter that could import settings from obsolete versions of TrashLater (3.0 - 3.5) [279].
  • Built with Xcode 3.2.4 using gcc 4.2.1.

Version 4.1

October 2007

  • Added a condition to check for file sizes.
  • New file condition based on color labels in the Finder.
  • Added support for mountable folders, i.e. folders on network drives or removable disk drives. No checking will be done for these folders when they are not present.
  • Now using the Sparkle framework to do update checks.
  • Activated the (red) close button in the main window.
  • Allowing folders to be re-checked after changes were made to the database.
  • Fixed a missing binding in the options for 'Show Progress Window'.
  • Dated subfolders can now also be created in the Trash.
  • Corrected drag and drop from the Finder.
  • Fixed a bug in the file name conditions.
  • Added a test button to the preferences window to check the log file viewer application.
  • The installer will now ask for admin authorization.
  • Removed the 'X' from the application name 'TrashLater X'.
  • Ditto in the documentation.
  • New date-formatting algorithm.
  • No 'Checking Suspended' growl message when TrashLater was not enabled.
  • Error messages will now also appear in the Console log.
  • The Cancel button of our error messages can now be correctly selected by the 'Escape' key.
  • Minor internal remodelling for improved code quality.
  • Changed build number sequence to be project-specific. The old build number of the previous version was 535 which corresponds to 249 in the new revision sequence.
  • Fixed a typo regarding the sales coupon.
  • Built with Xcode 2.4.1 using gcc 4.0.1.

Version 4.0

November 2006

  • This version requires Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later. Yes, this includes 10.4 (Tiger).
  • Universal Binary that supports Macs with both PPC and Intel processors.
  • New user interface design.
  • Added support for Growl messages.
  • Added switch to enable/disable individual folders in the list. When a folder is disabled, its contents will not be checked.
  • A description pane in the main window summarizes the settings and statistics for the selected folder.
  • Folder details are now edited in an inspector window. Double-click a folder in the list or choose File > Get Info.
  • Added support for name-based item conditions, i.e. whether a folder item does (not) match a certain string.
  • Added support for fractional age values, such as "1.5 weeks".
  • Retired the "check once daily" option - this is now the default for any folder whose grace period is larger than 3 days.
  • Retired the option to "ignore special files used by the Finder"
  • this is now on by default as there is no reason why TrashLater should ever touch these files.
  • There is currently no Items Browser window (drawer). To inspect the contents of a folder, choose File > Reveal in Finder.
  • More flexible cron scheduling. The user may now change the offsets for minutes, hours, or days (example cron strings are shown in real-time). Alternatively, a custom cron string may be used.
  • Added a safeguard to prevent the TrashLater from trying to open a window when the user is not logged on.
  • Modified the auto-generated cron strings such that they are compatible with Tiger.
  • Added a button to allow the user to view the log file in a text application of her choice.
  • Drag and drop of a folder in the Finder.
  • Now the (localized) display name of a folder is used in the folder list.
  • Implemented a size limit for the log file.
  • Improved error handling for missing folders.
  • Fixed a bug in the beta release, concerning the database updates after a folder had been moved.
  • Minor update to the application icon
  • Added a message for when the application has been moved.
  • Added an easter egg.
  • Obsoleted several novice alerts; they have become self-explanatory by the new user interface.
  • Upgraded the alert handling to use self-resizing message windows.
  • The check for update is no longer using MacPad in favor of the NSConnection API that became available in Mac OS X 10.2.7.
  • Changed the storage scheme for "keep reminding me about this" keys.
  • New database format.
  • Application data is now saved in a folder named "TrashLater" in your "Application Support" folder inside your Library folder (~/Library/Application Support/TrashLater).
  • The preferences were moved to the new domain "se.tredje.trashlater".
  • Internal reorganization of the user interface (NIB) files. All NIB files now use "10.2 and later" format.
  • Upgraded to eSellerates's embedded web store.
  • Fixed an issue where no license could be purchased when the progress window was hidden in the client application.
  • Are you still reading this?
  • Now correctly spelling "daemon" (UNIX terminology for a background-only client application).
  • Other minor changes.
  • Updated internet references to point to the new web site at '': .
  • Built with Xcode 2.4 using gcc 4.0.1.

Version 3.5

May 2004

  • New feature: It is now possible to add the Trash itself to the list of folders. TrashLater can thus also delete files that have been in the Trash longer than requested. A new menu item was added to support this feature.
  • Fixed the tool-tip message for the Finder files option in the edit panel.
  • Updated the email address in the code, the read-me file, the license agreement, and the copyright messages.
  • Checking for updates now uses the CFBundleVersion string from the application bundle's info dictionary to obtain the version number.
  • The informational alert after a successful check for update now displays both the new and the current version numbers.
  • Minor modification of the defaults handling.
  • Changed some parts of the sources to facilitate sharing between projects.
  • Removed the Localized.strings file until the time when it is actually required.
  • Optimized the code through preprocessing macros (we lost faith in the quality of the linker).
  • Simplified the registration dialog window; there are now three fields and three buttons.
  • Redesigned the eSellerateEngine installation procedure.
  • Signed off purchasing transactions from both the client and the main application.
  • Upgraded the eSellerate Engine to version 3.5.6.

Version 3.4

February 2004

  • Finder icon files can now be ignored; they will then never be moved out of a folder. Added a new option to the edit panel for this.
  • New item browser. It is now possible to inspect the folder contents that have been checked in by the client, i.e. the database that TrashLater keeps in order to track the lifetime of any item in the folders that are being watched. To open the item browser, select a folder in TrashLater and click on the little icon at the top-right hand corner of the folder list. Alternatively, you can type command-I or use the Window menu, selecting the item "Item Drawer".
  • German and Swedish language localizations have been removed. They will be released separately. This explains the smaller install size for this version.
  • When running TrashLater under Mac OS 10.3 or later, the folder and the item list will now appear with alternating row background.
  • Another change of the code that handles the scheduling table (crontab). It now works correctly with UTF8 strings, both reading and writing. Previously, it may not have worked if TrashLater was installed in a location with non-ASCII characters in the path. Similarly, other entries in the scheduling table may have been corrupted.
  • When no other entries exist in the scheduling table, TrashLater will now correctly delete it rather than writing an empty table.
  • All crontab-related errors in the Console have been fixed.
  • The faceless client now uses exactly the same Copyright message as the ordinary client.
  • Added the LSMinimumSystemVersion key to the info property lists of both the TrashLater application and the client.
  • Changed the encoding of the expert warning level setting in the preferences.
  • Minor fix in the client: cleanup method is now correctly invoked before it terminates.
  • Rebuilt the project management files in Xcode.
  • The help pages now use UNIX-linefeeds.

Version 3.3

January 2004

  • New build using Xcode.
  • Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) compatibility
    The crontab handling can now cope with strings encoded with either UTF8 or ASCII. Panther appears to be using standard ASCII as default.
  • New development of a face-less background version of the client. Using this version, the user will no longer be disturbed whenever the client is launched. To enable the face-less version, the "show progress window" preference must be deselected.
  • The crontab now contains a warning message.
  • Updated the preferences dialog.
  • Defined command-comma as the shortcut to open the preferences dialog.
  • TrashLater is now using MacPAD for version information. The check for update will now download the MacPAD XML file to determine whether a new version is available.
  • When a new version is available, it can now be downloaded directly after an update check.
  • Also, the release notes for the new version can be viewed directly. A new window was added for this purpose.
  • Fixed a crash in the purchasing mechanism in the client.
  • Fixed a bug in the handling of the the preferences dialog which caused previously disabled novice alerts to be re-enabled.
  • Corrected the message texts for grammar.
  • Found another occasion for a novice alert.

Version 3.2

October 2004

  • Minimum supported Mac OS X version is now 10.2 - this was already true for previous versions and may thus have caused TrashLater to crash.
  • The complete path of a folder is now visible in the edit dialog in form of a tooltip - rest your mouse on the folder name to see it.
  • Added new novice alerts informing about TrashLater usage.
  • Widened the default novice alert window to make sure that the title is fully visible.
  • Fixed a crash of the client trying to clean up the log file.
  • The production build no longer contains debug assertions, which - when triggered - were the cause of crashes.
  • Fixed the bug that caused TrashLater to forget that the client was switched off.

Version 3.1.1

October 2003 (internal build)

  • Fixed a crash of the client trying to show the file name.

Version 3.1

September 2003

  • Besides the Trash, files can now also be moved to user-defined folders.
  • TrashLater now verifies the access permissions of files and folders before they are touched.
  • Added a welcome message.
  • New notifications about the use of the cron daemon.
  • Error messages can now be shown in the client. When an error appears, the checking is paused until the alert box is dismissed.
  • Added a new preferences option to suppress error messages. When off, error messages will only appear in the log-file.
  • The edit dialog was changed a little for better clarity.
  • Updated the help texts.
  • Upgraded e-commerce support to eSellerate SDK version 3.5.4.

Version 3.0.3

August 2003 (minor update)

  • The client will now only show the progress window if the checking duration is significant.
  • The log file now shows the correct version number of the client.
  • Special characters are now shown correctly in the log file (UTF8 encoding).

Version 3.0.2

July 2003 (minor update)

  • There is now an file counter in the progress window of the client.
  • Pressing "Stop" in the progress window now does what it is supposed to do: interrupt the operation.
  • Minor correction of the version string handling. The version string is now visible again the the "Show Info" dialog.
  • The log file is now cleared only once a day. Multiple runs on the same day will now appear in the same log.
  • Changed the default log file location to ~/Library/Logs/TrashLater.log.
  • Added version information to the TrashLater registry to accommodate version tracking of the database.

Version 3.0.1

June 2003 (minor update)

  • Fixed a bug in the crontab scheduling of the client.
  • The "delete warning" will now only show up if "delete" was actually selected.
  • Fixed a typo in the documentation that inhibited the search-ability of the help pages in AppleHelp.
  • Added German-localized help texts.

Version 3.0

June 2003

  • Changed the application icons for best appearance with Mac OS X.
  • Added a feature to allow using the client without a progress window.
  • Localized TrashLater for German and Swedish (still need to localize the help texts).
  • When recursively checking sub-folder files, the contents of bundles are no longer checked. This ensures the integrity of application bundles, framework bundles, and general bundles.
  • Changed some of the texts that appear in the log file.

Version 3.0b

April 2003 (beta-test release)

  • Added help pages conforming to the help facility of Mac OS X.
  • New option to have the user confirm any delete or trash action in the client application.
  • Changed the slow-motion checking from a radio button to a continuous slider. The user can now select their preferred checking speed using this slider. During checking, each file can be slowed down by up to one second each.
  • Moved the client application inside the TrashLater application bundle.

Version 3.0d

March 2003 (internal development release)

  • Re-coded TrashLater Classic for Mac OS X. It is now based on Apple's Cocoa Application framework. The windows had to be newly designed accordingly.
  • Changed the handling of the progress bar which is now based on the number of checked-in files.
  • TrashLater can now track all files in the folder hierarchy underneath a selected folder. Added a new option to the edit panel with which the user can enable to "recursively check all sub-folder items".
  • Made the client a multi-threaded application. The responsiveness of the user interface is therefore much better.
  • To help tracking the actions of the client, it can now log whatever it does to a log file. The name of the log file can be changed via a preference.
  • The client application now makes use of 'cron' for scheduling. The user can select the checking interval using a pull-down menu in the TrashLater application. The preferred checking time for infrequent checks can be specified in the preferences dialog.
  • Added an option to disable the client.