Version History

Version 1.3

November 2016

  • Added a circular progress indicator and an item counter to the title row of each task roll. On iPad, the progress indicator is more prominent as it is shown alongside to the task tile.
  • New setting to use a countdown counter as the progress counter. The default progress counter is shown as 'n/m' with the number of completed items over the total item count.
  • Scroll-animated texts now use a narrower font; they use half the compression factor that is set as a limit for non-animated texts.
  • In the settings window, the effects of the font adjustment options are previewed live in an animated and a static example text.
  • All numbers from one through nine hundred ninety-nine do not contain the letter 'a'.
  • A new Reduce Motion option is available to limit the effect of the startup animation.
  • Other bug fixes, refinements and stability improvements.
  • Dropped support for iOS 7. We now require iOS 8 or later. Tested on iOS 9 and iOS 10.

Version 1.2.1

June 2016

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Better start screen animation.
  • Removed iAds (applies to TaskRoll Lite).

Version 1.2

December 2015

  • New: Supports Slide Over and Split View in iOS 9 on iPad.
  • New: Search support.
  • New: Sound effect for revealing or hiding comments.
  • Streamlined Dropbox sync.
  • Added link to TextExpander web page.
  • New start screen animation.
  • Refinements for iOS 6.
  • Removed app rating reminders. But, of course, ratings are still welcome! You can select 'Rate It' from the menu for a convenient shortcut to the App Store.
  • Registered access to interact with third-party apps: Dropbox, TextExpander and Twitter. This is mandatory in iOS 9.
  • Juggling auto-layout constraints.

Version 1.1

July 2014

  • New: Support for AirPrint.
  • New: Quick entry for multiple tasks.
  • New: TextExpander snippets settings.
  • New: Version update slides.
  • Minor corrections for iPad interface.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.0

May 2014

  • First public release.

Version 0.4

April 2014

  • Minor interface polishing.
  • Reviewed User Guide.
  • Fixed Markdown file import.

Version 0.3

March 2014

  • Beta testing build.
  • Fixes for synching with Dropbox.
  • Improved table view size calculations.
  • Fully-functional in-app purchasing for TaskRoll Lite version.

Version 0.2

January 2014

  • Development build.
  • Settings interface.
  • Hiding data.aux files.
  • Added TextExpander support.
  • Tutorial pages.
  • User manual.

Version 0.1

December 2013

  • Development build.
  • Dropbox Sync.
  • Flip pages as task tiles.
  • Action sounds for flip and complete.