Opening Hours UX

Version History

Version 1.5.1

September 2019

  • Adds the store comment to the info popup window in the main view.
  • Supports iOS 10.3 or later.

Version 1.5

August 2019

  • Fixes formatting issues on iPhones X and later, using safe area layout guides to constrain margins.
  • Updates the help info view which is now a visual effects view, i.e. a blurred view.
  • Updates some alert message, using shorter titles where necessary.
  • Removes several third-party frameworks, incl. Dropbox. The original API is no longer supported by Dropbox, rendering it useless. Low usage of this feature does not warrant an attempt to migrate to the new API.
  • Fixes crashes that have been reported.
  • Supports iOS 9 or later.
  • Disables guesture that would open the split view controller upon a swipe as it conflicts with the user trying to swipe the main view area.
  • Adds a 167 x 167 icon for iPad Pro.
  • Uses UIAlertController instead of deprecated UIAlertView and UIActionSheet, UISearchController instead of UISearchDisplayController, UIPopoverPresentationViewController instead of UIPopoverController.
  • Corrects an undo manager grouping imbalance, which also caused a crash.
  • Avoids accessing UIView properties outside of the main thread. This also would crash the app.
  • Fixes a popover rotation issue.
  • Removes obsolete pre-iOS-9 code.

Version 1.4.2

December 2015

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the app from operating on a device that is still running iOS 7.
  • Also works on iPad Pro.

Version 1.4.1

October 2015

  • In the German localisation, the shown app title is now 'Offen' since 'Öffnungszeiten' is a little too long and tends to get abbreviated by the OS.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.4

October 2015

  • Adopted a universal user interface that is more consistent across different devices. In effect, the layout for iPhone is more iPad-like in that the main view buttons are now at the top. On iPad, the menu button is now at the bottom of the shop list.
  • Support for multitasking on iOS 9. On an iPad, you can use Slide Over and Split View to use Opening Hours alongside other apps.
  • New introductory help view for new users. As before the view is only visible when no shops exists in the database.
  • The text views have been adjusted to make the best use of the new system font in iOS 9.
  • Improved view restoration upon re-launch of the app.
  • Renamed the Pink colour to Magenta. This change is huge!
  • New launch image and startup animation, similar how apps are presented in Slide Over on iOS 9.
  • Framework updates and removed some clutter.
  • Dropped support for iOS 6. The app now required iOS 7 or later.

Version 1.3.1

July 2015

  • One can now select multiple criteria (tags) to filter the list of shops that are shown in the main view.
  • New: Mark stores as favorites.
  • Changed the (baggage-label-shaped) filter button to be outlined when filtering is off, and filled-in when a filter is active.
  • Added a (circular) button to show only open stores. When active, the button changes to show an arrow in the circle.
  • Added a (star-shaped) button to show only favorite stores. When active, the button shows a filled-in star.
  • Added a menu item to show the help screen for the main view.
  • Changed the startup image and added an animation to transition from the startup image to the first screeen.
  • Added a switch to the settings to allow the user to change the startup animation to a simple cross fade (i.e. without the animated zooming).
  • Updated the Twitter link.

Version 1.3

June 2015

  • New app name.
  • Improved iCloud and Backup handling. Now using a robust JSON-based backup file format.
  • Smooth zooming without scrolling rows.
  • Very large images (i.e. larger than 640 x 640 pixels) are now reduced.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.3

November 2014

  • Fixed a crash when using section index titles.
  • Removed all app rating requests (Appirater).

Version 1.2.2

Oktober 2014

  • New info view when a row is tapped in the main view.
  • Corrected use of image picker on iPad.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.1

September 2014

  • Swipe past midnight to see the next day!
  • Fixed a crash related to multiple view updates.
  • Corrected the App Store link iOS 8.

Version 1.2

September 2014

  • Now a universal app with support for iPad!
  • iCloud syncing between devices (using 'Ensembles': ).
  • New shiny app icon.
  • Improved resizing after device rotation.
  • Added a progress spinner for long tasks.
  • Added support for a phone number in the shop details.
  • One can now restore from a different backup file.
  • Added a delete-all button, only shown during edit mode.
  • Now using storyboards and autolayout throughout.
  • Added additional logic to prevent duplicate shop categories.
  • Assorted bug fixes.
  • Requires iOS 6 or later.
  • Tested on iOS 7 and iOS 8.

Version 1.1.4

December 2012

  • Added support for iPhone 5.
  • Fixed a problem that would have incorrectly raised a error message after a successful save.

Version 1.1.3

May 2012

  • Fixed a mistake with the category menu.

Version 1.1.2

April 2012

  • Fixed a bug in handling time zones in the presence of daylight savings time.
  • Fixed a bug when no shop name was given.

Version 1.1.1

March 2012

  • Fixed 404 error when trying to run first backup to Dropbox.
  • Patched a number of minor memory leaks.
  • Removed unsatisfactory vibrant color mode.

Version 1.1

February 2012

  • New: Support for backup & restore through Dropbox or e-mail.
  • Added a clickable URL field to the store details.
  • Added more shop colors for the calendar view.
  • Added localizations for German and Swedish.

Version 1.0

January 2012

  • First version.
  • Stores may now have multiple categories.