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applicationQueuePlayer crashes on Apple TV

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On Apple TV with tvOS 14.4, once Apple Music access is enabled, the following commands will cause an app to crash:

let songStoreID = "900032829" 
let musicPlayer = MPMusicPlayerController.applicationQueuePlayer  // [1]
musicPlayer.setQueue(with: [ songStoreID ])
musicPlayer.prepareToPlay()    // <-- crashes here [2]
musicPlayer.play()   // if skipping [2], it would crash here instead

In the Xcode console log, I note these messages:

// [1]
[APSLogUtils] [AirPlayError] APSCopyPairingIdentity:627: got error 4099/0x1003 NSXPCConnectionInvalid
[MediaRemote] Error fetching local receiver pairing identity (OSStatus = 4099)

// [2]
[SDKPlayback] applicationQueuePlayer _establishConnectionIfNeeded timeout [ping did not pong]

Note: It does NOT crash when using MPMusicPlayerController.systemMusicPlayer.

Apple feedback id: FB8985422