RPN 28x Calc

Version History

Version 2.2.1

Januarr 2016

  • Added an option reduce motion in the startup animation. Prior to iOS 8, the default is "Off". On iOS 8 or later, this setting will be pre-set to mirror the value of the "Reduce Motion" setting of the General > Accessibility pane of the main Settings application. However, once the value is changed in the settings panel within the app, that value will be retained and used from then on, irrespective of what may be set in the Settings application.
  • Fixed: The grey Copy & Paste Shortcut bar will no longer appear, whether or not Bluetooth is enabled. Previously, it would appear when Bluetooth was on, and the bar would then stay until the app was restarted.
  • Updated the startup animation to animate the app icon rather than the entire launch image.

Version 2.2

December 2015

  • The display status indicators for LC, SHIFT, (2π), HEX-DEC-OCT-BIN, and STD-SCI-FIX-ENG are now active! You can tap on them to change their state.
  • Registering access to twitter: and itms-apps: URL schemes as required by iOS 9.
  • Updated the RPN 28x Calc icon to use the same button fonts.
  • Using a launch image with the app icon.

Version 2.1

May 2015

  • You can now delete entries from the log.
  • Pull up in the log for access to more commands: clear the log, share log items.
  • Added ≠ (not equal) command and aliases: CHS, SQRT, and == (equal).
  • Corrected the font encoding and added more glyphs.
  • Nicer selection colours in the log and variable viewer.

Version 2.0.1

March 2015

  • Corrected the comma (,) button for cases when the decimal separator has been changed to use periods.
  • Improved the operand parsing which has been unable to restore numbers in the order of 1E128 or larger.
  • The entries in the command log are also updated when the decimal separator is changed.
  • Fixed a crash seen during manual re-ordering when less than 4 levels are on the stack.
  • Corrected a minor animation glitch at startup.

Version 2.0

February 2015

  • New data & command log in a separate notebook window. Up to about 500 log entries are shown in the log viewer.
  • New variable viewer, also in the notebook window.
  • Added COPYN command to copy multiple items.
  • New SEL and DSEL commands to programatically select and deselect stack levels.
  • Changed some commands to store the correct operands for the LAST command.
  • More checks for conflicting selections.
  • New interface rendering solution.
  • More modern fonts used for the buttons.
  • Reduced install size by about 30%.
  • Internal re-structuring.
  • Minimum system requirement is now iOS 7.1 (up from iOS 6.1). Works fine on iOS 8.1.

Version 1.3.5

November 2014

  • Altered secondary views to conform to iOS 8: eMail, Twitter, and settings.
  • Changes to the colour theme will be applied as soon as the settings window is closed.
  • Eye candy: Got rid of the white line at the bottom of the screen.
  • Removed all app rating requests.
  • Internal redecorations.

Version 1.3.4

August 2014

  • Fixed: The feedback form got the destination email back.
  • Minor changes under the hood.

Version 1.3.3

May 2014

  • Corrected UserGuide URL composition.
  • Added rpn28xcalc:// URL scheme.
  • Minor code adjustments for Xcode 5.1.
  • Now using XCTestCase clases.

Version 1.3.2

January 2014

  • Fixed: Text alignment in stack view for iOS 6.1.

Version 1.3.1

November 2013

  • New: A depth counter in top of the stack display. NB. The counter is shown when not all levels can be shown in the display.
  • Fixed: An issue when running iOS 6.1.

Version 1.3

November 2013

  • Refined support for iOS 7; it now requires iOS 6.1 or later.
  • New: Support for external keyboards.
  • Better: Binary numbers are now edited using the current display type (MODIFY command).
  • Fixed: Trying to MODIFY an empty stack creates an error.
  • New app icon with a flatter appearance for iOS 7.
  • Changed the background to a custom linen pattern.
  • Updated popup menu; added a link to our homepage and '@RPN28xCalc on Twitter':https://twitter.com/RPN28xCalc .

Version 1.2

April 2013

  • Added support for a gray interface theme; the default is brown.
  • The decimal separator can now be adjusted in the settings window.
  • Binary numbers like HEX
  • Waking up from sleep in landscape orientation will now be in the correct rotation.

Version 1.1

June 2012

  • Added support for Landscape orientation.
  • Fixes an issue related to handling numbers in different language settings (locale).
  • The FIX number formatting now correctly handles very large numbers.

Version 1.0

May 2012

  • First version.
  • Auto-resizable display.
  • Support for operand selection.
  • Retina-resolution images for the new iPad.