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Sharing Workflows Via Twitter

Since Twitter imposes a 140 character limit, it is hardly viable to send files directly. However, in conjuction with Dropbox, you can tweet a public link to your file on the Dropbox server. This is what TaskRoll allows you to do.

To be able to share any data over Twitter, you need to have linked TaskRoll to Dropbox.

Once linked to Dropbox, you can tweet to share workflow directly from within the app. Open the project window where all you can see all the tasks of your workflow.

On the right-hand side of the project title, press the share button (the box with the upward-pointing arrow):

A share menu will pop up; when you select “Twitter”, a popup window with a pre-composed tweet will appear with a public link to your the project file on Dropbox.

You can edit your tweet and send it, or you can press Cancel.

If “Twitter” is not available as an option, then your app is not currently linked to Dropbox, the file is not yet synchronized with Dropbox, or your device may not support Twitter, sorry.

Importing from a Tweet

To import a file from a tweet, simply select the link and from the options on how to open it, choose “Open in TaskRoll”.

Projects that are opened in this way will be imported as new task rolls; no attempt is made to merge them with existing projects, even if their names were the same. Also, the file names of the imported task rolls may be adjusted to avoid conflicts.

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