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Transferring Data Between Apps

If you had both TaskRoll Lite and the full, ad-free version of TaskRoll, then you may want to migrate your projects from one app to the other.

Migrate Data Via Dropbox

A simple way to transfer your projects is to use Dropbox. All you need to do is to link both applications to Dropbox; all your projects will be copied from the apps to Dropbox and vice versa.

  1. Link TaskRoll Lite to Dropbox.

    In the main menu, select Dropbox, then, if not yet linked, select the “Link To Dropbox” button.

    As soon as the link is active, all your projects will be uploaded to Dropbox (and changes may be downloaded to your app).

  2. Quit TaskRoll Lite.

  3. Open TaskRoll.

  4. Link TaskRoll to Dropbox.

    As above, in the main menu, select Dropbox, then, if not yet linked, select the “Link To Dropbox” button.

    The files on your device will be synchronized with those on Dropbox, possibly after a short delay; files that have been uploaded by TaskRoll Lite will be downloaded to TaskRoll.

  5. Manage duplicates.

    If you had similar or identical task rolls in either app, this synchronisation step may produce duplicates. Check which projects to keep and delete the rest.

When Both Apps Are Installed

When you have both apps on the same device, you can easily transfer a task roll through the “Open In…” mechanism. This allows you to open a task roll in one app and to save it in the other one.

File Sharing In iTunes

Using iTunes on your Mac or PC, you can access the files once your device is connected. Select the “Apps” tab for your device and scroll down to the “File Sharing” section. Select “TaskRoll” or “TaskRoll Lite” in the list of apps. Your task roll files will be listed as .md files. You can now copy the files to your computer.

In the same manner, you can import the files from your computer to the other TaskRoll app.

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