TaskRoll: Table of Contents

Create a Workflow

You need to Create a Workflow before you can add any tasks to it.

Empty Projects

For new projects that do not yet contain any tasks, you will be presented with an action task: “( Add a Task… )”. Simply tap on that task to be directed to the task list.

Projects with Tasks

The quickest way to see the task list of a project is to swipe right across the project tile and press the Edit button that will be revealed. Alternatively, press the Edit button in the tool bar and then the project tile (not the red, circular delete button on the left, nor the reorder control on the right).

You will be directed to a new screen where the project details as well as all its tasks are listed.

Add Tasks

In the project screen, press the Edit button and navigate to the bottom of the task list. After the last entry, press the “(+) Add a Task…” action item.

A new window will appear where you can give your task a name and, optionally, a comment.

Note: You can use the Markdown notation with back-tick quotes (`code`) to mark spans of code. These will be rendered in a monospaced font when the task is presented. For single back-tick quotes, you can escape it with a backslash: \`.

Try to keep the task title short since it may otherwise not fit into the limited width of the task tiles. By default, titles that are too long will be scrolled across such that you can read all of it, but this may take a moment for very long texts.

If your task cannot be described in a few words, it is best to use the comment area to add more details. However, if you find that your comment is very long, then you should consider to the split this task into multiple, simpler ones.

Edit On Your Mac or PC

It is also possible to edit the Markdown files that TaskRoll stores in its folder on Dropbox.

Tip: Avoid editing a workflow on multiple devices at the same time as this will cause synchronization conflicts and can lead to data loss.

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