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To open the settings window, select “Settings” from the main menu.

Sound Effects

There are sound effects for completing a task and for completing a project. This setting allows you turn these on or off.

Reduce Motion at Startup

This setting will disable the zoom animation of the app icon when the app is first launched. When on, then the icon will simply fade away without any resizing.

Confirm Roll Deletions

When you swipe left across a project in the main list, a Delete button will be revealed. Pressing that button will delete the entire project. When this setting is on, then you will be prompted to confirm your deletion.

Note: When deleting tasks within a project, no separate confirmation is required.

Comment Lines

In the main screen, where all projects are listed, you can tap and hold on a task tile to reveal a comment area. The size of this comment area can be adjusted with this setting.

Reorder With Comments

This setting applies to the task lists. When editing or reordering your tasks, you will normally see both the task titles and the comments in the list. When this option is turned off, then the comments will be hidden when you enable the edit mode for the task list; only the task titles will be shown, which may make it easier to reorder the tasks.

Count Down Items

This setting changes the textual progress indicator from a “n of m” counter to a countdown counter. In the default “n of m” format, the number of completed task is shown together with the total number of tasks: “5/8”. As a countdown counter, the number of remaining task is shown: “3”.

Animated Titles

Long task titles may not fit the available space in the task tile. This is often the case when the app is used in portrait orientation.

When this setting is on, longer titles will be scrolled within the tile, allowing you to read the complete text.

If you find that it takes too long to read the title of a task, you should consider to shorten the title and to describe the task in more detail in its comment.

When this setting is off, longer titles will be narrowed (see below) and then truncated.

Narrow Title Font Limit

Long task titles may be made to fit the available space in the task tile through horizontal narrowing of the font. The amount of narrowing can be adjusted with this setting. As you adjust the slider, you can see in the example text that larger values result in a narrower font. Find a setting with which you can still read the text comfortably. To disable narrow fonts, set this setting to 0%.

If the title were too long even after narrowing the font, then it will be animated or truncated (see above). An example of an animated text is also provided. Similar to the static example, scrolling texts will also use a narrower font, except that the width reduction is less pronounced.

Reduced Data Upload

When on, multiple successive progress changes (when you tap an action to move to the next) may be combined into a single data package before being sent to the cloud. This entails that progress messages will be delayed (for at least 30 seconds) and other devices will receive the changes later.

Reset All Settings

Selecting this button will reset all settings to their default factory settings.

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