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Do be able to delete a workflow, you will need to be on the main screen where all projects are listed (each with just one task tile).

Deletions Are Synchronized

Note that if your device is linked to Dropbox, any workflow that you delete in the app will also cause the deletion of the project files on Dropbox and on any other devices that are linked to it.

Deleting In Edit Mode

When you press the Edit button, the list of workflows changes to become editable.

Pressing any of the red, circular delete buttons on the left allows you to delete a workflow. A red Delete button will appear on the right. You need to confirm the deletion by pressing that button.

Press Done to leave the editing mode.

Swiping to Delete

You can also swipe left across a workflow to initiate its deletion. A red Delete button will appear to the right of the workflow. After pressing that button, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion (unless disabled in the settings).

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