TaskRoll: Table of Contents

Open In Another App

To share workflows with other apps, open the project window where you can see all the tasks that you have defined.

On the right-hand side of the project title, press the share button (the box with the upward-pointing arrow):

A share menu will pop up; when you select “Open In…”, a new window will appear with a list of apps that can open task roll files, i.e. text files (file extension .md) containing a Markdown description.

Please note that in some apps, you may need to rename the file to use a .txt extension before you can edit the file.

Reimport Into TaskRoll

Any text file with a .md file extension can be imported into TaskRoll through the “Open In…” mechanism of other apps. However, the file must contain only valid Markdown code that TaskRoll supports in order to be interpreted correctly.

As a workaround to import files, you may also save the file in the “TaskRoll” folder inside the Apps folder on Dropbox. The same Markdown formatting rules still apply.

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