TaskRoll: Table of Contents

What is a Project?

You may think of a project like a cooking recipe: you have an ordered collection of tasks; each task represents a step that must be taken in the aim to achieve an end goal.

“Order! Order!”

The order of the tasks matter. You need to finish a task before you can move on to the next one. TaskRoll guides you through this process by presenting you one task at a time. You can focus on the current task, finish it, check it off, and use TaskRoll to see what the next task is.

What is a Workflow?

In general, a workflow is a detailed task list that has been carefully designed to solve a complex problem. Often, the order of the tasks is critical for the successful completion of the entire project. Also, workflows are generally repeated and executed many times.

Within TaskRoll, we consider all projects to be workflows.

What is a Task Roll?

A different name for an ordered and repeatable project may be a “task roll”.

Think of it like a ring-bound wall calendar where you flip over one month at a time. When you get past the last month, you can flip over the back cover and you would be back at the beginning of the calendar.

A “task roll” follows the same principle. A completed task is flipped over and placed at the back of the “roll”. Once all tasks have been flipped over, the first task automatically re-appears at the front.

It is like having task cards ring-bound into a roll, a “task roll”.

With the visual concept of such a “roll”, you can also see that his is an inherently repeatable process. When a project is finished, you can immediately start again with the first task in your workflow.

Try the Example

If this is the first time that you have used TaskRoll (the app), you may have seen the “Example” workflow that has been provided. If you haven’t played with it yet, now might be a good time to do so.

Hint: tap once on the task title to start the Example project.

To re-install the Example workflow, select “Add Example Roll” in the main menu.

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