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You need to be in the main screen to run a workflow. If you were in a workflow’s list window (where you can see all tasks of a workflow), you need to go back to the main screen (where all projects are listed with just one task each).

Current Task

Looking at the entry for your project in the main window, you will see the workflow title at the top and the name of the current task in the centre.

The task may also be a special task. You may see:

The current task represents the action you must take in order to move forward in your project.

If a read error had been detected, then the Markdown description of the workflow is corrupt or it has been mal-formatted by a third party. You should verify that the syntax is correct.

Progress Indicators

On the right side, you will see a progress indicator that visualises how many taks that you have completed within a workflow. There is also a counter which you can configure to be either an “n of m” counter or a countdown counter.

Viewing Comments

Sometimes, it can be helpful to be given additional information for a task. This is why each task can be assigned a comment. If a comment had been defined for the current task, you can view it right here; simply tap and hold on the task title; the view will expand, making room for the comment underneath the task title.

For very long comments, only the first few lines may be visible, but you can easily see the remaining lines by swiping up or down across the comment to scroll it.

To hide the comment, you can again tap and hold on the task title (not the comment) and the comment area will be collapsed.

If you tap and hold on the comment itself, you will be able to select and copy the text.

Note: How many lines are shown can be changed in the settings.

Complete a Task

To mark the current task as completed, simply tap on it (once) in the main screen. The task tile will flip over to reveal the next task and the progress indicator will move a step further.

Go Back a Step

If you had tapped a task in error, double-tap it to go back to the previous task. Repeat as necessary.

Keep Going

In this manner, you complete each task in turn, following the strict order of the workflow, until you have reached the last task.


When you mark the last task as completed, thus finishing your project, the task title changes to “< Completed >” and the progress indicator becomes a filled yellow circle.

Well done!

At this point, you can easily restart the project by tapping the “< Completed >” task label.

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