TaskRoll: Table of Contents

Opening the Workflow

As mentioned during “Adding Tasks to a Workflow”, you need to open the workflow window where its details as well as all of its tasks are listed.

To open the workflow window, either

The Workflow Window

You will see two sections in the workflow window. At the top, above the striped bar,byou can see the workflow name and, if available, a comment describing it.

Underneath the striped bar, you will see all the tasks that have been defined. Each task will have a title and, optionally, a comment.

Press Edit

After having pressed the Edit button, you will be able to reorder the tasks, delete them, or to add new ones by means of the “(+) Add a Taskā€¦” action item at the bottom of the list. Also, each entry in the list can be selected to be able to edit it. For this, a new window will open where you can make your changes.

Note: When the “Reorder With Comments” setting is turned off, all comments will be hidden while the list is in edit mode.

Not Pressing Edit

If you only want to modify one of the tasks, or the description of the workflow, then you can simply swipe right across the entry and press the Edit button that will be revealed on its left side. A new window will open where you can make your changes.

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