TaskRoll: Table of Contents

Data Usage

TaskRoll has been designed to keep the amount of cellular data usage to a minimum, even when you are synchronizing your projects using Dropbox.

The details of a task roll are only sent to the cloud if any of the titles or descriptions have been changed. Most often, however, you will only check off tasks as you are going through your project. Those changes are sent as separate smaller packages, typically containing less than 200 bytes.

Reduced Data Set

You can force TaskRoll not to send every single progress update to the cloud, by enabling the “Reduced Data Upload” option in the settings. When enabled, TaskRoll may be able to combine multiple progress messages, depending on how quickly you step through your project. On the flip side, synchronization between multiple devices will be delayed as well.

Using WiFi Only

If you are concerned about cellular data usage, remember that you can disable it on a per-app basis. You can find it in the Settings app under “Cellular” or “Mobile”; scroll down on that page to see app-specific settings. Note that each app is listed with its data usage. You should find that TaskRoll has a comparatively low number. If data usage were a real concern, you may like to begin by targeting the apps that are using the most.

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