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Backing Up Your Data

Your data does not exist unless it has been backed up. Here is what you can do:

  1. Enable iCloud backup of your device; this will include your workflows, but be aware that backups may happen at irregular and unpredictable intervals without much feedback.

  2. Link to Dropbox this will store a copy of your project files on the Dropbox servers as well as on any other device that you link to Dropbox, including your Mac or PC. Any changes that you make will be backed up as soon as your device is online.

    Also note that, depending on your Dropbox subscription, it may be possible to restore previous versions of your files.

  3. Download the files from within iTunes. Connect your device and open iTunes. Within iTunes, select your device and then the Apps tab. In the File Sharing section at the bottom, select TaskRoll and your files will be listed on the right.

  4. Email the files to yourself, or store them in another cloud storage app. To do so, open a workflow and tap on the share button on the right-hand side of the title. Then select E-Mail, or Open In.

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