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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weekly / Monthly Git Backups

Similar to what I have been doing with subversion, I now also create backups for my git repositories.

Note that the git repositories on the backup host are local repositories (not cloned ones) and that they are named “<proj>.git”.

From /etc/periodic/monthly/mine.monthly:

if [ -d /Library/Repositories ]; then
  cd /Library/Repositories
  for i in *.git ; do
    # Not a local git repository? Ignore it.
    if [ ! -f "$i/HEAD" ]; then
    # File: /Volumes/Backups/Attic/git-file-2016-08-10.bundle
    name="git-`basename $i`-`date +%F`.bundle"
    if [ ! -f "$dump" ]; then
      echo "Bundling git repository: $name"
      { cd "$i"; git bundle create "$dump" --all; } >& "$line"
      # Change the user for the dump file.
      chown gollum:gollum "$dump"
      # Only output the last stderr line then delete the file.
      tail -1 "$line"
      rm "$line"
      echo "Warning: Dump already exists: $name"
  echo "Error: Repositories directory not found."

The weekly backups are much the same, except that only the three most recent repositories are backed up. Thus, the for loop in /etc/periodic/weekly/mine.weekly changes to:

  for i in `ls -1t *.git | sed '3 q'` ; do

N.B. I still use TrashLater to keep files for only 6 months in the Attic folder.